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Zulu, Isizulu (S42)

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Distribution of Zulu

Online communities, weblogs, mailinglists, newsgroups back to top »

Google in Zulu.

IsiZulu at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Wikipedia in Zulu.

Dictionaries, word lists, phrase lists back to top »

English-Zulu vocabulary quizzes.

IsiZulu for travellers by TravLang.

Languages on-line: Zulu. Center for Language Technology and Instructional Enrichment at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Zulu-English / English-Zulu Online Dictionary.

Alfred Thomas Bryant, 1905
A Zulu-English dictionary with notes on pronunciation (PDF). Marianhill Press.

John W. Colenso, 1861
Zulu-English dictionary (PDF).

Jacob Ludwig Döhne, 1857
Zulu-Kafir dictionary, etymologically explained (PDF). Pike's Machine Printing Office.

Philip M. Parker
Zulu English dictionary.

Jason Wolfe, 1993
Important Zulu medical words - their pronunciation and translation.

Grammar books, learners' materials back to top »

John W. Colenso, 1859
First steps in Zulu: an abridgement of the elementary grammar of the Zulu-Kafir language (PDF).

John Goldsmith, Gretta Buthelezi
The Zulu language. University of Chicago.

Lewis Grout, 1859
The Isizulu: a grammar of the Zulu language (PDF). Trübner & Co.

Charles Roberts, 1900
A Zulu manual or vade-mecum (PDF). London.

Fred Suter, 1911
Lessons in Zulu (PDF). London.

Matt Williams
Zulu language learning reference: Sifunda isiZulu.

Lexicon studies, semantics, lexicography back to top »

Rachélle Gauton, Elsabé Taljard, Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, 2003
Towards strategies for translating terminology into all South African languages: a corpus-based approach (PDF). From: TAMA (Terminology in Advanced Management Applications) 2003 South Africa conference proceedings. Edited by Gilles-Maurice de Schryver. SF2 Press.

Linda van Huyssteen, 2003
A practical approach to the standardisation and elaboration of Zulu as a technical language (PDF). DLitt et Phil thesis. University of South Africa.

Daniël J. Prinsloo, Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, 2001
Taking dictionaries for Bantu languages into the new millennium, with special reference to Kiswahili, Sepedi and isiZulu (PDF). From: Makala ya kongamano la kimataifa Kiswahili 2000 (Proceedings). Edited by J.S. Mdee & H.J.M. Mwansoko. Taasisi ya Uchunguzi wa Kiswahili (TUKI), Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam.

Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, 2006
Compiling modern bilingual dictionaries for Bantu languages: case studies for Northern Sotho and Zulu (PDF). From: Proceedings of the XIIth international Euralex congress. Edited by E. Corino, C. Marello and C. Onesti. Edizioni dell'Orso.

Pronunciation, phonetics, phonology, prosody back to top »

CORR Lisa Cheng, Laura J. Downing, 2007
The prosody and syntax of Zulu relative clauses (PDF). SOAS working papers in linguistics, v. 15, p. 51-63.

Laura J. Downing, 2001
How ambiguity of analysis motivates stem tone changes in Durban Zulu (PDF). UBC (University of British Columbia) working papers on linguistics, v. 4, p. 39-55.

Peter Ladefoged
Vowels and consonants: Zulu clicks. Sound files hosted at the UCLA Phonetics Lab.

David K. Rycroft, 1980
Ndebele and Zulu: some phonetic and tonal comparisons (PDF). Zambezia, v. 8.2, p. 109-128.

Studies of grammar, syntax, morphology back to top »

Leston Buell, 2002
The position of arguments in Zulu: dissertation prospectus (PDF). Linguistics Dept, UCLA.

Leston Buell, 2003
Introducing arguments above the agent: the case of Zulu locative applicatives (PDF). From: WCCFL 22 Proceedings. Edited by M. Tsujimura & G. Garding. Cascadilla Press.

Leston Buell, 2004
The Zulu verb within the constraints of the LCA (PDF). Paper presented at ACAL32, Boston, April 2004.

Leston Buell, 2005
Issues in Zulu verbal morphosyntax (PDF). Dissertation. Linguistics Dept, UCLA.

Leston Buell, 2006
The Zulu conjoint/disjoint verb alternation: focus or constituency? (PDF). ZAS papers in linguistics, n. 43, p. 9-30.

CORR Leston Buell, 2007
Semantic and formal locatives: implications for the Bantu locative inversion typology (PDF). SOAS working papers in linguistics, v. 15, p. 105-120.

CORR Lisa Cheng, Laura J. Downing, 2007
The prosody and syntax of Zulu relative clauses (PDF). SOAS working papers in linguistics, v. 15, p. 51-63.

Katherine Demuth, Susan Suzman, 1997
Language impairment in Zulu (PDF). Proceedings of the 21st annual Boston University conference on language development, v. 1, p. 124-135.

Busi Dube, 1997
Complementizer-less Comps or a morpho-phonologically underspecified C head in early Zulu L2 subordination? (PS). On-line proceedings of the Postgraduate Conference, University of Edinburgh, May 1997.

Rachélle Gauton, Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, Linkie Mohlala, 2004
A corpus-based investigation of the Zulu nominal suffix -kazi: a preliminary study (PDF). In: Proceedings of the 4th world congress of African linguistics, New Brunswick 2003. Edited by Akinbiyi M. Akinlabí and Oluseye Adesola. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag.

Nicholas Kotnovas, 2005
The Zulu noun. University of Chicago.

Nicholas Kotnovas, 2005
The Zulu verb. University of Chicago.

Linkie Mohlala, 2003
The Bantu attribute noun class prefixes and their suffixal counterparts, with special reference to Zulu (PDF). MA thesis. University of Pretoria.

Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, Rachélle Gauton, 2002
The Zulu locative prefix ku- revisited: a corpus-based approach (PDF). From: Southern African linguistics and applied language studies, v. 20, p. 201-220.

Elsabé Taljard, Sonja E. Bosch, 2006
A comparison of approaches to word class tagging: disjunctively vs conjunctively written Bantu languages (PDF). From: Nordic journal of African studies, v. 15, p. 428-442.

Jochen Zeller, 2003
Word-level and phrase-level prefixes in Zulu (PDF).

Jochen Zeller, 2004
Left dislocation in Zulu (PDF).

Miscellaneous, unsorted back to top »

Annemarie de Bruin, 2002
The role of children in the Zulu folktale (PDF). MA thesis. University of South Africa.

Henry Callaway, 1870
The religious system of the Amazulu. Originally published by JA Blair in Natal. "Reduced to HTML by Christopher M. Weiner, March 2003." Webbaccess by the Internet Sacred Text Archive.

David Leslie, 1875
Among the Zulus and the Amatongas, with sketches of the natives, their language and customs, and the country, products, climate, wild animals, &c. (PDF). Edinburgh.

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