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The distribution of Niger-Congo languages
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Niger-Congo languages

There are some 1000-1500 Niger-Congo (Niger-Kordofanian) languages spoken from western Africa via eastern Africa to southern Africa. They are commonly divided into a number of subgroups as follows (cfr Williamson 1989 and Williamson & Blench 2000):

  • Volta-Congo languages:
    • Adamawa -- some 40-60 languages
    • Benue-Congo -- some 700-900 languages, incl. 500-700 Bantoid languages (which includes 400-500 Bantu languages)
    • Gur -- some 100 languages, or less
    • Kru -- some 30-40 languages
    • Kwa -- some 40-60 languages
    • Ubangi -- some 40-50 languages
  • Atlantic -- between 40-60 languages
  • Ijoid -- less than 10 languages
  • Kordofanian -- some 15-20 languages
  • Mande -- some 40-50 languages

To these we may add the following remnant and/or hitherto unclassified Niger-Congo languages:


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Niger-Congo languages, according to SIL's Ethnologue.

Niger-Congo languages, according to Wikipedia.

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