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The distribution of Africa's new languages
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"New" African languages

In Africa, there are several "new" languages or language varieties, e.g. some that could, for historical reasons, be defined as immigrant languages (especially various European and Indian languages), many of which have developed into so-called pidgins, creoles, youth jargons, etc.

(Pidgins/creoles based on indigenous African languages no longer appear on this page. Intead, they have been moved to pages where they now appear together with their closest linguistic relatives.)

Note also that some languages have been given pages of their own. In particular, this concerns materials relating to Afrikaans, English, French, Portuguese and related pidgins/creoles.


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General, comparative, miscellaneous back to top »

The Ethnologue, web edition. SIL International.

Wikipedia has a growing amount of information on various African languages.

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Afrikaans & related pidgins/creoles < Europhone back to top »

See separate page for Afrikaans.

English & related pidgins/creoles < Europhone back to top »

See separate page for English.

French & related pidgins/creoles < Europhone back to top »

See separate page for French.

German (& related pidgins/creoles) < Europhone back to top »

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Italian & related pidgins/creoles < Europhone back to top »


Malagasy < Austronesian back to top »

Malagasy links have been moved back to the page for "other" African languages.

"Malawi's New Language" < Bantuphone back to top »

Francis Moto, 2001
Language and societal attitudes: a study of Malawi's 'New language' (PDF). Nordic journal of African studies, v. 10, p. 320-343.

Portuguese & related pidgins/creoles < Europhone back to top »

See separate page for Portuguese.

Spanish & related pidgins/creoles < Europhone back to top »

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