African Language Technology

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Discuss all issues related to language and speech technology for African languages in this forum.


The Centre for Text Technology (CTexT) at the North-West University (South Africa) is developing proprietary spelling checkers for various African languages. In order to conduct this project successfully, we are currently sourcing various resources, most notably electronic resources (word lists, corpora, etc.) and people (experts and assistants) to contribute to the project.


African Languages in Danger of Disappearing -- Interactive Atlas

Click here to use the interactive atlas.

Open Question: What about focusing our efforts on these disappearing languages before it's too late? What can we, as computational linguists, do; should we do something?

Good UTF-8 editor for Windows

I usually edit my UTF-8 encoded files in linux, where you have the wonderful "gedit" program that is fully compliant with UTF-8. Is there a text-only editor like that for Windows? Crimson editor claims to be UTF-8 compatible, but I beg to differ.

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