AfLaT 2013 - Report

The 2013 edition of the AfLaT workshop series took place on Friday 6 December 2013, at Ghent University. It was the fifth in the series, and conceived differently from previous editions, in that we wanted to broaden our activities by reaching out to all colleagues who have lexical resources for African languages, and are already working with those resources, but have not yet necessarily made the move to using advanced computational routines to speed up the analysis or the building of tools.

And so AfLaT 5 was conceived as a MasterClass, led by the founding members of AfLaT: Guy De Pauw (U Antwerp), Gilles-Maurice de Schryver (U Ghent), and Peter Wagacha (U Nairobi). Researchers were invited to present their current data sets and/or research during max. 20minutes, to be followed by a discussion and advice from those present for 10 min.

On the following pages, you will find some impressions of the workshop. The full book of abstracts can be found here.

Activating your corpus - Guy De Pauw

SaLTMiL 8 - AfLaT2012 Proceedings

Proceedings of the Workshop on Language Technology for Normalisation of Less-Resourced Languages (SaLTMiL 8 - AfLaT2012)

Individual Papers (related to African Language Technology)
Learning Morphological Rules for Amharic Verbs Using Inductive Logic Programming
Wondwossen Mulugeta and Michael Gasser

Natural Language Processing for Amazigh Language: Challenges and Future Directions
Fadoua Ataa Allah and Siham Boulaknadel

Describing Morphologically-rich Languages using Metagrammars: a Look at Verbs in Ikota
Denys Duchier, Brunelle Magnana Ekoukou, Yannick Parmentier, Simon Petitjean and Emannuel Schang

A Corpus of Santome
Tjerk Hagemeijer, Iris Hendrickx, Abigail Tiny and Haldane Amaro

Semi-automated extraction of morphological grammars for Nguni with special reference to Southern Ndebele
Laurette Pretorius and Sonja Bosch

Tagging and Verifying an Amharic News Corpus
Björn Gambäck

Resource-Light Bantu Part-of-Speech Tagging
Guy De Pauw, Gilles-Maurice de Schryver and Janneke van de Loo

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