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Kumva - PHP dictionary platform for Bantu languages


Kumva is a PHP/MySQL based platform for creating online dictionaries. It is designed specifically for Bantu languages with prefixes and suffixes, and for someone who is learning either English or a Bantu language.

Online Publications Involving TshwaneDJe Members


A collection of articles and papers on corpus and dictionary topics for the African languages, as well as on language-independent lexicography and terminology software.

Mutete - Bantu search engine


The Mutete search engine collects Bantu language data on the web and provides a search interface for it.

Bantu Language Identifier


Umqageli means 'guesser' in zulu. It is a program that takes the text (at least 15 words) you submit and guesses in which Bantu language it is. The longer the submission is, the more accurate the answer of Umqageli is.

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