xmllint bug affecting some African languages (a chance for community pressure)

Hi All,

Those of us who meddle with XML for Language Technology and happen to use the xmllint parser may already know that it can't handle the so-called "primary language tag" in the @xml:lang attribute set to anything else but a two-letter code (one of the old ISO-639-1 language codes). This means that you can validate e.g. Southern Sotho documents with @xml:lang="st", but you can't validate Northern Sotho documents with @xml:lang="nso".

This is a bug in the parser, reported here:


If this bug has a chance to affect you, you might want to register with the Gnome bugzilla and add your address to the CC list (this is an equivalent of voting. Of course, submitting a patch would be the optimal solution, but sometimes community pressure alone works wonders.