Meaning of African People names

People's names across the numerous African ethnic groups have a meaning tagged to them. These names are drawn from various sources that include Seasons, Times, Events, Places, Behaviour and other special considerations. An African name defines an individual because it goes beyond an identity. The name has a great correlation to an infant 's character as it grows up, and can either build or demean reputation. This phenomenon has resulted in the extensive use of "English"/ christian names by some Africans in order to hide or downplay the meaning to these names. Alternatively, some people have resulted in using only their initials. In addition, some of the "English" names have been translated into African names, based on the local mispronunciations, and assimilated in the African-name database. For example, Choni [Ekegusii] is the equivalent of John[English].
However, there are other names that acquired during one's life time based on personal praises, occupation, attire, peculiar utterances, mannerisms, etc. An example is Mogambi [Ekegusii] which means leader. Besides, other names are based on the character of the individual as they grow up. For Example, if one is quick, steady, clever and wise, they will be called Mwango[Ekegusii].
There is also a category of special names that based on whether the child is an orphan, or the only child, the last-born, first-born e.g. Motangi or Chacha [Kisii/kuria], twins, or follower of twins.
The naming patterns, in certain communities, is greatly influenced by marriage protocols i.e. the first-born male is named after his paternal grandfather while the first-born female is named after her paternal grandmother.