Resource-scarce vs low-resourced vs less-resourced?

Hi Everyone!

Recently, there was a dicussion about the differences between the above-mentioned concepts on some or other list. I thought it was on CorporaList, but can't find anything in their archives.

Does anyone here have an idea where I can look for the discussion thread?

Your help is appreciated!


Minority language

Hi Gerhard,

I do remember a similar thread on the CorporaList. It dealt with the term "minority language". I can't seem to access threads directly, but if you go to this URL and type in the search terms Minor(ity) and Language (including the () ) you should be able to retrieve the messages. Hopefully that is the thread you had in mind.

Terminology discussion on MT-List

Hi Guy,

Thnx for the info. I have also found a discussion on MT-List (https://www [dot] mail-archive [dot] com/mt-list [at] eamt [dot] org/msg01005.html - see this message, and other messages in the same thread).

This might be of interest to other members of AfLaT, since they also discuss priorities for African languages.