38th Annual Conference on African Linguistics (University of Florida)

It doesn't seem like the folks over at UFL know about AFLAT yet, so I suppose I'll post this up here for them. This conference is going to be focusing broadly on African language, but does have a four-talk parallel session of computational interest on the Saturday session.

The website is here: https://www.doce-conferences.ufl.edu/acal-alta/

The program is up, and it looks like it will have some interesting stuff going on, computational or otherwise.

LT talks

Good spot. Indeed, quite a few computer-related talks. Looking through the program of the ACAL-track, I can see the following Language Technology related talks.

  • J. Muhirwe: Two level description of Kinyarwanda noun morphology
  • R. Elwell: Using finite state methods for verbal analysis in Ekegusii
  • S. Amsalu: Constructing a spellchecker where there is no standard spelling: the case of Amharic
  • P. Fallon: Planning a lexical database for the Blin language
  • M. Ekpenyong: Towards an FST Interface-Engine for tone languages diacritics insertion and P-2-G translation

Great to see there's a separate computational linguistics session now. Let's hope it catches on.