WOCAL7 - World Congress of African Linguistics

Call for papers

The World Congress of African Linguistics will hold from the 20th to the 24th of August 2012 in the University of Buea, Cameroon. The theme of the congress is, Language description and documentation for development, education and the preservation of cultural heritage in Africa. Discussions will centre on the following six sub-themes:

  1. Language in education
  2. Language documentation
  3. The social dimensions of language
  4. ‘Contact languages’ in the growth and development of African states
  5. Intercultural communication
  6. Linguistic analyses (phonetics, phonology, morphology, lexicology, syntax, historical linguistics, language classification, etc.). These congress themes are described in a separate document (attached).

Abstracts of about 250-500 words will be received till October 30th, 2011. Each abstract should be presented in two pages: the first page must contain the title of the paper, the name of the author, his/her affiliation and his/her full address (postal address, telephone number, fax and email) and the sub-theme within which the author will like to have his/her paper discussed; the second page must be left anonymous, with only the title of the paper and the text of the abstract. Abstracts must be sent, preferably, as an email attachment to the following Local Organising Committee (LOC) address:

PO Box 63, Buea
Buea, Cameroon

Email: wocalbuea [at] yahoo [dot] fr

The abstracts will be peer-reviewed anonymously, and decision on their acceptance announced by the end of December 2011.
Researchers wishing to organize special workshops are requested to contact the congress chairperson (tamanjip [at] yahoo [dot] fr) with their workshop themes and related modalities by February 28th 2011 latest.
Details on practical matters such as travel to Cameroon and accommodation will be communicated later.
For more, please contact the WOCAL7 Local Organizing Committee at the above address, or visit the WOCAL website: https://www.wocal.rutgers.edu/

language in contact in Sudan

Most works concerning language contact in Sudan focussed on the Arabic impacts on the other Sudanese langauges Nubian,for example, which raise a lot of questions about the countries identity and many more things. However, the point is exactly the opposite, where the Nubian language has lots of impacts on the what is called Sudanese Arabic, not from borrowing words, but from the borrowing of grammatical aspect or the diffusion of the grammatical aspects. There are lots of linguistic factors and social, cultural and historical factors. So this can be issued in the coming conference.

Mophopnology, Syntax of Yebekolo's W-Questions

Dear Local Organizing Committee,

I'would like to wellcome the netzwork
It was my first time to atemp the Bantu conference in Berlin,
and I really enjoyed it
I'll like to present one of the following themes in Buea

Mophopnology, Syntax of Yebekolo's W-Questions (a spoken language in Cameroon, parth of my thesis at the U in Cologne in German language)

Intercultural communication.

Sorry, my english ist bad, and I would like to know
if I can make the presentation in German or in french?

Thank a lot


Berthe Ada Biwole