Language Resources & Evaluation - Special Issue on African Language Technology

The Special Issue on African Language Technology for the journal Language Resources and Evaluation is out now! You can order this issue (vol45(3)) or download individual papers through SpringerLink.

We would like to thank all authors and reviewers who have worked hard to make this special issue happen.



  • De Pauw et al. Introduction to the special issue on African Language Technology
  • Grover et al. The South African Human Language Technology Audit
  • Badenhorst et al. Collecting and evaluating speech recognition corpora for 11 South African languages
  • Steinberger et al. Expanding a multilingual media monitoring and information extraction tool to a new language: Swahili
  • De Pauw et al. Exploring the sawa corpus: collection and deployment of a parallel corpus English—Swahili
  • Moran An ontology for accessing transcription systems
  • Chiarcos et al. Information structure in African languages: corpora and tools
  • Scannell Statistical unicodification of African languages