AfLaT 2013/2014

Dear AfLaT community,

Some of us met at our annual workshop last week, at Ghent University in
Belgium. The event was most enjoyable and it is clear that a lot of
excellent African-language corpora are being assembled with which innovative
research is being undertaken. For a brief report, please see

This was our fifth meeting, with the series so far as follows:
o 1st workshop, AfLaT 2009: Athens, Greece (@ EACL 2009)
o 2nd workshop, AfLaT 2010: Valletta, Malta (@ LREC 2010)
o 3rd workshop, AfLaT 2011: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (@ AGIS 2011)
o 4th workshop, AfLaT 2012: Istanbul, Turkey (@ LREC 2012)
o 5th workshop, AfLat 2013: Ghent, Belgium (@ GAPSYM 2013)

In order to prepare well ahead of time for the 6th edition, to be held in
2014, we are hereby inviting proposals for the organization of this event.
Many of us would like to return to the African continent, so if you are
already involved in the organization of an event in Africa in 2014, do give
co-location a thought. So far, AfLaT workshops have always co-located with
another (bigger and more general) event, but of course this is not a

Simply reply to the sender of this e-mail with your ideas!

Kind regards,
The AfLaT Team.