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CTexT (Centre for Text Technology)


On 1 June 2004 CTexT (Centre for Text Technology) started functioning as a non-profit, self-supporting unit of the Research Focus Area: Languages and Literature in the South African Context in the Faculty of Arts at the North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus). The staff at CTexT occupy themselves with a variety of research and development activities. A close interaction between such research and development activities is aspired towards: research should, wherever possible, lead/contribute to product development, whereas all products are rooted in thorough research. The four main activities of the Centre for Text Technology involve the following:

  • Research (including basic research, strategic research, applied research, and market research)
  • Development (including development of sources and end-user applications & products)
  • Commercialisation of products and services
  • Maintenance of products and support to end users/clients
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