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Usernamesort iconFirst NameLast NameAffiliationCountryLast access
thommbogo [at] yahoo [dot] comThomasMwangiUniversity Of NairobiKenya7 years 34 weeks ago
Tiberius St. JudgeTiberiusSt. JudegPraetorian MediaUnited States of America9 years 40 weeks ago
tikompafulKonradTuchschererSt. John's University, New YorkUnited States of America8 years 1 week ago
Tinetariro MabweTinetariroMabweSelfZimbabwe8 years 11 weeks ago
ToenshoffDonToenshoffAspiring PHUnited States of America10 years 39 weeks ago
tomsheaThomasSheaMilwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee WisconsinUnited States of America12 years 8 weeks ago
tomusange brianTomusange brianMakerere UniversityUganda11 years 33 weeks ago
Tony NadenTonyNADENG.I.L.L.B.T.Greenland12 years 8 weeks ago
tracytracysakamakerere universityUganda10 years 49 weeks ago
TransAshokBagriTranslation companyIndia9 years 39 weeks ago
TrondtrTrondTrosterudUniversity of TromsøNorway11 years 43 weeks ago
trushthomasrushindustryUnited States of America10 years 31 weeks ago
Tsegay W.MariamTsegayWoldemariamResearcher/Lecturer at Academy of Ethiopian Languages and Cultures of Addis Ababa UniversityEthiopia7 years 17 weeks ago
TsehayTsehayAberaAddisEthiopia7 years 26 weeks ago
tspier2TroySpierEkegusii Language Preservation ProjectUnited States of America7 years 43 weeks ago
twalajamestwalapacuKenya8 years 30 weeks ago
TwelaSylviaOmbuyaSorbonne University, natural processing field, ParisFrance7 years 18 weeks ago
ubukweBantuRenSelf employmentTanzania7 years 40 weeks ago
ugandaUganda KampalaUWLUganda6 years 47 weeks ago
ujuluzuluujuluaauEthiopia5 years 50 weeks ago
VamajaInnocentMajaCentre for Minority Rights and DevelopmentZimbabwe7 years 13 weeks ago
VanessaDe GreefVanessaVBelgium5 years 48 weeks ago
Viktor TroitskiiViktorTroitskiiMIFIRwanda8 years 17 weeks ago
vincentvincentoronyibkchKenya5 years 24 weeks ago
vwahinyaVictorKahongeUniversity of NairobiKenya7 years 35 weeks ago
wachirawachiracarolinestudent at makerere university,ugandaUganda6 years 18 weeks ago
waiganjoPeter WaiganjoWagachaUniversity of NairobiKenya9 years 4 weeks ago
WambuiVictoriaKageniUniversity of PennsylvaniaUnited States of America8 years 36 weeks ago
wandersonWinston NoëlAndersonUniversity of South Africa/Bytes Technology GroupSouth Africa7 years 49 weeks ago
WanjikuWanjikuNg'ang'aUniversity of NairobiKenya11 years 44 weeks ago
wanjiru maiguawanjirumaiguaThe JudiciaryKenya6 years 4 weeks ago
we2elwaeldbouklebaneseEquatorial Guinea8 years 27 weeks ago
wendallleewendallstudentAfghanistan8 years 42 weeks ago
wizamoSylvieGrand'Eury-BuronUniversité de Lorraine - Ex member LLACAN-UMR 8135 - CNRSFrance4 years 27 weeks ago
wjaokowalterjaokoUniversity of NairobiKenya5 years 24 weeks ago
woleOluwoleAkinolaAfe Babalola University Ado EkitiNigeria7 years 10 weeks ago
wondishoWondwossenMulugetaAddis Ababa UniversityEthiopia5 years 46 weeks ago
wowhelloMerisaCheongSingaporeSingapore9 years 25 weeks ago
wumiletOmowunmiRamotaibrahim badamasi babangida university lapai, niger stateNiger7 years 21 weeks ago
wwbBWanjawastudentKenya7 years 33 weeks ago
yborovikovBorovikovEugeneCACI, UMIACSUnited States of America10 years 40 weeks ago
yellowniteyellowniteyellowniteITCanada9 years 21 weeks ago
yemisrachYemisrachGetinetUniversity Of GondarEthiopia5 years 24 weeks ago
YommyAbayomiAinaKPMGNigeria7 years 14 weeks ago
YorubaworldOlalekanLawalYorubaWorld InstituteUnited Kingdom7 years 2 days ago
Zaccheaus97zaccheauszaccheausstudentNigeria6 years 3 weeks ago
zacharyzacharynyamatariNAROK UNIVERSITYKenya6 years 24 weeks ago
zkiroriZacharyKiroriAssistant Lecturer in Computer Science, School of Pure & Applied sciences, Karatina UniversityKenya6 years 22 weeks ago
zouhirAbderrahmanZouhirWayne State UniversityUnited States of America7 years 45 weeks ago
zuludreamerjbeatriceoloofiancePakistan8 years 7 weeks ago


AfLaT - doing us proud!

Who is Who

Dear Guy,
I was just searching for member, i.e. their institutions at AFLat in the who is who list and I am delighted to see that so many members have joined in since I last checked. Now, I lost overview, must say. I saw that the member list is reversly sorted by their last access, would it be possible to insert a sort function so one can e.g. sort by name or by affiliation? Would be great. Thanks for all of your efforts, all the best, Gertrud

hello to everyone

well I have just joined your group . am from Kenya and the University of Nairobi, am interested in computations of languages, hope we will stay in touch over the new ideas in the field