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Usernamesort iconFirst NameLast NameAffiliationCountryLast access
MpjaneManoko DorcasMpjaneTshwane University of TechnologySouth Africa9 years 32 weeks ago
mriziki8marcelinarizikistima plazaKenya7 years 24 weeks ago
mrozinskaMartaMrozinskaGoogleSouth Africa9 years 16 weeks ago
mrutaremwarutaremwamartinmakerere universityUganda6 years 22 weeks ago
msonobariMpasuaMsonobariCEO Kampamso Language CentreKenya11 years 47 weeks ago
mtoscanoToscanoMaddalenaDpt Africa e Paesi Arabi - Università degli studi di Napoli - L'OrientaleItaly11 years 39 weeks ago
mtumishiwamunguJonesWilliamStern Tenants AssociationUnited States of America11 years 44 weeks ago
MuchemiLawrenceGithiariUniversity of NairobiKenya3 days 10 hours ago
mucheruAmosMucheruEgerton universityKenya8 years 34 weeks ago
mukoyama7ErikoMukoyamaJOWIJapan8 years 34 weeks ago
MuntuEliasTibaneGovernment Communications (GCIS)South Africa3 years 25 weeks ago
munyivaMunyivaNgeaUniversity Of NairobiKenya11 years 46 weeks ago
MuriithiBrianMuriithiStrathmore UniversityKenya10 years 21 weeks ago
musanduGeorgeMusanduKCBKenya7 years 44 weeks ago
mutabukoDesiderKaunguSokoine University of AgricultureTanzania11 years 36 weeks ago
mutevuNicholusMwundaUniversity of NairobiKenya7 years 34 weeks ago
MuTijimaAndreBryonFreelance ITBelgium7 years 35 weeks ago
mwabebeMwabebeHumphreyUniversity of NairobiKenya9 years 41 weeks ago
mwambaDUNCANMWAMBAEricssonKenya7 years 36 weeks ago
mwango chisengamwangochisengalawyerZambia9 years 25 weeks ago
myacoubaYacoubaMamadouSIL NigerNiger10 years 19 weeks ago
nabulootokintusamuel islamic call college libyaLibyan Arab Jamahiriya10 years 31 weeks ago
NanaNanaSarpongNkyea Learning SystemsGhana9 years 28 weeks ago
nasiryauriNasiruJatauCollege of basics and advanced studies,Yauri ,kebbi stateNigeria6 years 45 weeks ago
Natasha BeltonNatashaBeltonSELF EMPLOYEEUnited States of America6 years 9 weeks ago
natashaasha.natashastewartthe university of the west indies Trinidad and Tobago6 years 29 weeks ago
NazarethNazarethAmlesom KifleUniversity of BergenNorway8 years 4 weeks ago
NdungurutseXavierNdungurutseUniversity of SingaporeSingapore8 years 3 weeks ago
NdVNicDe VriesMeraka HLT (CSIR)South Africa9 years 27 weeks ago
negusunegusu abaymetekiaamhriskEthiopia8 years 10 weeks ago
nelia copeneliacopeprivateSouth Africa11 years 43 weeks ago
neshantaneshantaJonesAfrican LanguageUnited States of America11 years 25 weeks ago
ngesoLonnieStarks410bridge.orgUnited States of America8 years 26 weeks ago
NgundoNgundoJosephEgerton university. Natural Resource ManagementKenya9 years 9 weeks ago
nimaanNimaanAbdillahiDjibouti Institute of Sciences and Information TechnologiesDjibouti11 years 31 weeks ago
nisheethNisheethJoshiBanasthali UniversityIndia4 years 38 weeks ago
njeriGichuruNjeriUniversity of NairobiJapan10 years 33 weeks ago
NkellaiyanparseenNkellaiyanUONTanzania9 years 46 weeks ago
nkhabukhothatso johnnkhabuNULLesotho7 years 1 week ago
nyakundi michiracosmasmichirasekuKenya6 years 4 weeks ago
nyambakajosephnyambakamarathwada universityKenya9 years 26 weeks ago
NyevupkPaulineBelloResa Group of CompaniesKenya7 years 22 weeks ago
nyizzyEnnoch Nyang'auGiteyaKenyatta UniversityKenya8 years 20 weeks ago
Oarkagen167Kenneth PatrickKhanaCDC UgandaUganda11 years 19 weeks ago
ObwangiBob John Obwang'iMboriMasinde Muliro University of Science and TechnologyKenya10 years 33 weeks ago
ochomoZablonOchomoUniversity of Nairobi, Kenyatta UniversityKenya9 years 49 weeks ago
OgonchoObed Nyang'waraOgonchoYujo Lounge LimitedUganda6 years 34 weeks ago
OjadoSidneyAdewaNairobiUnited States of America7 years 11 weeks ago
okellamadichuoearnestmutisyakenya polytechnicKenya5 years 25 weeks ago
olufemi shodunkeolufemishodunkenigerian institute of architectsNigeria9 years 38 weeks ago


AfLaT - doing us proud!

Who is Who

Dear Guy,
I was just searching for member, i.e. their institutions at AFLat in the who is who list and I am delighted to see that so many members have joined in since I last checked. Now, I lost overview, must say. I saw that the member list is reversly sorted by their last access, would it be possible to insert a sort function so one can e.g. sort by name or by affiliation? Would be great. Thanks for all of your efforts, all the best, Gertrud

hello to everyone

well I have just joined your group . am from Kenya and the University of Nairobi, am interested in computations of languages, hope we will stay in touch over the new ideas in the field