Ge'ez Verbs Morphology and Declaration Model

TitleGe'ez Verbs Morphology and Declaration Model
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBerihu, Desta, Hailemariam Sebsibe, and Adhana Zeradawit
BooktitleAGIS11 - Action Week for Global Information Sharing (AfLaT2011 Breakout Session)
LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ge’ez is the classic language of Ethiopia. It is the language where majority of the Ethiopian literatures and manuscripts are written in. The potential resources on the subject of the knowledge, philosophy and culture of Ethiopia are found being written in this ancient language. Nevertheless, the current generation, except some scholars in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church (EOTC), seems to be ignorant of these resources because of lack of efforts in making the language operational and in exploiting its usage with scientific approaches.

In this paper, we have designed a declaration model which helps to find all possible surface verbs of a given lexeme and reported on the first complete account of Ge’ez verbs morphology by exploring the verb formation process in a detailed manner to contribute to the complete usage of the language by this generation. The model can be consumed by various natural language processing systems such as machine translation, spell-check, speech recognition, automatic dictionary (lexicon) compilation, POS tagging, morphological synthesizer, automatic sentence construction, etc.