Joint workshop on Language technology for normalisation of less-resourced languages (AfLaT2012/SALTMIL) - Report

Compiling Apertium morphological dictionaries with HFST

Tommi A. Pirinen and Francis M. Tyers

Automatic structuring and correction suggestion system for Hungarian clinical records

Borbála Siklósi, György Orosz, Attila Novák and Gábor Prószéky

Constraint Grammar based Correction of Grammatical Errors for North Sámi

Linda Wiechetek

[Not Available]

Toward a Rule-Based System for English-Amharic Translation

Michael Gasser [paper]

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Technological Tools for Dictionary and Corpora Building for Minority Languages: Example of the French-based Creoles

Paola Carrion Gonzalez and Emmanuel Cartier

Describing Morphologically-rich Languages using Metagrammars: a Look at Verbs in Ikota

Denys Duchier, Brunelle Magnana Ekoukou, Yannick Parmentier, Simon Petitjean and Emannuel Schang [paper]