Third Workshop on African Language Technology (AfLaT 2011) - Report

Ge'ez Verbs Morphology and Declaration Model

Desta Berihu

Ge'ez is the language of classic Ethiopian literature. Desta Beriha and colleagues describe the bottlenecks of Ge'ez morphology and present a natural language generation system that is able to declare all possible word forms for a given Ge'ez lexeme.
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The PALDO Concept - New Paradigms for African Language Resource Development

Martin Benjamin

Martin Benjamin presents a new concept for computational lexicography of African languages. A series of monolingual dictionaries is planned, the entries of which can be linked cross-linguistically on a conceptual level.
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A System for the Recognition of Handwritten Yorùbá Characters

Tunji Odejobi

Optical Character Recognition is typically concerned with printed documents. Odejobi and colleagues describe work on the automatic recognition of hand-written Yorùbá characters. The current prototype scores over 90% recognition accuracy.
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Human Language Technologies for Ethiopian Languages: Challenges and Future Directions

Solomon Teferra Abate

Solomon Abate and colleagues describe the current challenges of language technology for Ethiopian languages and suggest a HLT Road Map to describe past efforts and streamline future research in the field.
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