Who's Who

Usernamesort iconFirst NameLast NameAffiliationCountryLast access
lemba-rRoserMoranteTilburg UniversityNetherlands10 years 8 weeks ago
lillylillylishesmaranatha universitySouth Africa7 years 9 weeks ago
linda_gerlachLindaGerlachMax Planck Institute for Evolutionary AnthropologyGermany6 years 33 weeks ago
linktomoshinmoshinmoshin fhnUnited States of America8 years 3 weeks ago
liz-romyelizabethgathonistudentUganda4 years 35 weeks ago
lmohasiLehlohonoloMohasiUniversity of Cape TownSouth Africa10 years 2 weeks ago
loadewoleLawrence OlufemiAdewoleObafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, NigeriaNigeria10 years 45 weeks ago
lrolackLyndaRolackUniversityUnited States of America8 years 38 weeks ago
lsmartinsLuvuyoMartinsUniversity of StellenboschSouth Africa6 years 10 weeks ago
LucianNdgeneMoncherryLucianUnited States of America6 years 43 weeks ago
lulamileLulamileMzamofreelanceSouth Africa5 years 31 weeks ago
lwangasSamuel KiwanukaLwangaLaw Reform CommissionUganda7 years 39 weeks ago
LydiahLydiah JNjeruJKUATKenya7 years 2 days ago
mahlandMichaelAhlandUniversity of Oregon and SIL InternationalUnited States of America10 years 44 weeks ago
makoriNicodemusMakoriMasinde Muliro University of Science and TechnologyKenya3 years 16 weeks ago
malangaliMartinBenjaminKamusi Project InternationalSwitzerland8 years 30 weeks ago
mapheladimosima mapheladimakamauniversity of limpopoSouth Africa7 years 6 weeks ago
margoLentonMargoMicrosoftCanada8 years 1 week ago
mariakeetKeetMariaUniversity of Cape TownSouth Africa1 year 23 weeks ago
MarilynMarilynSpendlMicrosoftSouth Africa9 years 6 weeks ago
Mark MandelMarkMandelLinguistic Data Consortium, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PAUnited States of America4 years 14 weeks ago
markmmcoMarkMcConvilleUniversity of edinburghUnited Kingdom10 years 44 weeks ago
marlPaulmolefethabiSouth Africa8 years 5 weeks ago
marshallguruwanyJoeICTKenya4 years 44 weeks ago
marthaMartha YifiruTachbelieUniversity of HamburgGermany10 years 42 weeks ago
Martin.PuttkammerMartinPuttkammerCentre for Text Technology, North-West UniversitySouth Africa10 years 43 weeks ago
MashangaShemBw'AgetaMashanga Endtime BrigadeKenya8 years 41 weeks ago
MauMauChepkeUniversity of NairobiKenya7 years 3 weeks ago
mayaMaya KnockaertGhent UniversityBelgium10 years 41 weeks ago
MazviMazvitaMataranyikalivingstone kolobeng collegeBotswana8 years 48 weeks ago
Mbuga Ponny NgondweMbugaNgondwe Makere UniversityUganda6 years 51 weeks ago
meeliekamfranpersonalUnited States of America8 years 4 weeks ago
melbeyenaAbdissaUAPBEthiopia7 years 10 weeks ago
mellesegMellese GelanehAlemuLinguistics StudentAfghanistan6 years 49 weeks ago
mesfinMesfinAbateUniversity studentEthiopia5 years 8 weeks ago
MetaglossiaCharlesTiayonAdvanced School of Translators and Interpreters (ASTI), University of BueaCameroon5 years 46 weeks ago
mgasserMichaelGasserIndiana UniversityUnited States of America8 years 17 weeks ago
mgebayawmulugetagebeyawlinguist, AAUEthiopia5 years 42 weeks ago
michaelmichaelgichohiICTKenya1 year 16 weeks ago
Micheledudley [at] me [dot] comMicheleDudleySeeds of HopeUnited States of America6 years 13 weeks ago
mikepodomikepodoMicrosoftUnited States of America6 years 25 weeks ago
mimeMichaelMeeuwisUniversity of Ghent, Department of African Languages and CulturesBelgium10 years 17 weeks ago
mmarloMichaelMarloUniversity of MarylandUnited States of America8 years 10 weeks ago
mnarfanNaeemirfanLIG ENSIMAGFrance7 years 21 weeks ago
MODI IssoufMODIIssoufBasic Education Ministry (language departement)Niger7 years 49 weeks ago
mojefaBabaBukariPAMBE GhanaGhana8 years 19 weeks ago
mokuageorgenyangwesokemriKenya7 years 29 weeks ago
moreliveIsikaOliverUniversity of NairobiKenya10 years 1 week ago
moyogoDenisJacqueryenoneBelgium10 years 43 weeks ago


AfLaT - doing us proud!

Who is Who

Dear Guy,
I was just searching for member, i.e. their institutions at AFLat in the who is who list and I am delighted to see that so many members have joined in since I last checked. Now, I lost overview, must say. I saw that the member list is reversly sorted by their last access, would it be possible to insert a sort function so one can e.g. sort by name or by affiliation? Would be great. Thanks for all of your efforts, all the best, Gertrud

hello to everyone

well I have just joined your group . am from Kenya and the University of Nairobi, am interested in computations of languages, hope we will stay in touch over the new ideas in the field