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katsKatendeJacobMakerere universityUganda4 years 13 weeks ago
seanlightSeanneLincolnN/AUnited States of America4 years 13 weeks ago
ujuluzuluujuluaauEthiopia4 years 14 weeks ago
TewodrosTTewodrosTesfayeMoFEDEthiopia4 years 14 weeks ago
kremilekZuzanaKřenkováFF UK PrahaCzech Republic4 years 15 weeks ago
gentGasperOnyangoMyself and IKenya4 years 16 weeks ago
fasisihamboulaknadelircamMorocco4 years 17 weeks ago
SociolingoCanvinMaggieSocioLingo AfricaUnited Kingdom4 years 17 weeks ago
Zaccheaus97zaccheauszaccheausstudentNigeria4 years 19 weeks ago
Mark MandelMarkMandelLinguistic Data Consortium, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PAUnited States of America4 years 19 weeks ago
nyakundi michiracosmasmichirasekuKenya4 years 20 weeks ago
zyrunmimatozyrunmimatoAyalaUnited States of America4 years 20 weeks ago
dmmarubedenisMarubemainaKenya4 years 20 weeks ago
Hu' AmShiGwendolynMooreGwendolyn Laren Moore, TRUST.orgUnited States of America4 years 20 weeks ago
wanjiru maiguawanjirumaiguaThe JudiciaryKenya4 years 20 weeks ago
franmalowaFrancisOdhiamboKTTIKenya4 years 20 weeks ago
Rose BaudoncqRoseBaudoncqCCVSUganda4 years 20 weeks ago
gakiimurerwagakiimurerwaUniversity of NairobiKenya4 years 22 weeks ago
Samuel LeykunSamuelLeykunAddis Ababa UniversityEthiopia4 years 23 weeks ago
Natasha BeltonNatashaBeltonSELF EMPLOYEEUnited States of America4 years 25 weeks ago
fionabattFionaBattUniversity GambiaGambia4 years 25 weeks ago
benjaminmuhammadBenjaminMuhammadGEUnited States of America4 years 25 weeks ago
estheresthernakasalaeasmsKenya4 years 25 weeks ago
KeyshiaKeyshiapeachesKenya airwaysKenya4 years 25 weeks ago
keishaKEZIAHWANJIRUMWAURAKenya4 years 26 weeks ago
askpataskStudentUnited Kingdom4 years 27 weeks ago
peter R maingapetermainghajkuatKenya4 years 27 weeks ago
everjimmyOlujimiOniOgun State Intitute of Technology, Saapade CampusNigeria4 years 27 weeks ago
simon kingoinasimonmokayamombasa epsonKenya4 years 31 weeks ago
owarejjosephowaretklKenya4 years 34 weeks ago
wachirawachiracarolinestudent at makerere university,ugandaUganda4 years 34 weeks ago
zkiroriZacharyKiroriAssistant Lecturer in Computer Science, School of Pure & Applied sciences, Karatina UniversityKenya4 years 38 weeks ago
mrutaremwarutaremwamartinmakerere universityUganda4 years 38 weeks ago
JSan4ChristEmmanuel JamesSanAvant Garde Solutions LtdUganda4 years 38 weeks ago
johnoladosuJohnOladosuCentre for Mobile e-Services, Dept of Computer Science, University of Zululand, Private Bag X1001, Kwadlangezwa 3886South Africa4 years 38 weeks ago
simonesimonenjerianglican church of kenyaKenya4 years 38 weeks ago
briggyteoderoBRIGGYTEODERONKenya4 years 39 weeks ago
syfuienkomosifundonustZimbabwe4 years 39 weeks ago
allan kaankaanallanmakerereUganda4 years 40 weeks ago
liz-romyelizabethgathonistudentUganda4 years 40 weeks ago
Sarah MubiruSarahMubiruSNVUganda4 years 40 weeks ago
zacharyzacharynyamatariNAROK UNIVERSITYKenya4 years 40 weeks ago
shakushakujo3lstudentSouth Africa4 years 43 weeks ago
RolfeHareRolfeHareUnited NationsAustria4 years 44 weeks ago
natashaasha.natashastewartthe university of the west indies Trinidad and Tobago4 years 44 weeks ago
creativelynigerianKayodeDanielCovenant UniversityNigeria4 years 46 weeks ago
eriplanetSemereSiumVirginia Tech UniversityEritrea4 years 46 weeks ago
fitseyFitsumAlemuAAUEthiopia4 years 48 weeks ago
Tadesse GoboshoTadesseGoboshoJimma UniversityEthiopia4 years 48 weeks ago
GatehioOwenGatehiAmtaar InvestmentSudan4 years 48 weeks ago


AfLaT - doing us proud!

Who is Who

Dear Guy,
I was just searching for member, i.e. their institutions at AFLat in the who is who list and I am delighted to see that so many members have joined in since I last checked. Now, I lost overview, must say. I saw that the member list is reversly sorted by their last access, would it be possible to insert a sort function so one can e.g. sort by name or by affiliation? Would be great. Thanks for all of your efforts, all the best, Gertrud

hello to everyone

well I have just joined your group . am from Kenya and the University of Nairobi, am interested in computations of languages, hope we will stay in touch over the new ideas in the field